"glad you used the Zelda sword instead of the Thor hammer the other night. Trying to kill an Ashman with a plastic hammer would have been exhausting.” - Gabriel 

  - Awry (The Archers of Avalon, Book Two) 

Just when i thought i couldn’t love nate anymore… I find out he has Zelda’s sword and Thor’s hammer and uses them as weapons.. Plus Star Wars bed sheets lol i can’t deal with him in all his nerdy glory.

Does anyone else feel like we're in a scary movie? Perhaps one in which all the main characters die?
I'm sure the storm just knocked out the power, that's all.
Yeah. That's what all the main characters say right before they die.
Nate. You're immortal. You can't die.
But I can still feel pain!
I'm not immortal. I'm totally killable. And I'm blonde. Blondes always die first.
Sucking in air, Heather said, ‘Fluffy—Mrs. Allen’s ferocious dog—chased me all the way down Pine Street trying to tear me to shreds with his razor fangs. I barely got away.’
Scarlet scrunched her face. ‘Isn’t Fluffy a Chihuahua?’
Still panting, Heather said, ‘Yes. A demon-possessed, human-eating Chihuahua.’
— Chelsea Fine, Anew (via slvhermit)

Interview with Chelsea Fine 

Today as part of my New Adult Addiction, I’m talking to Chelsea Fine. You might be familiar with her YA series, The Archers of Avalon.

Well, she’s working on a New Adult novel right now. And let me tell you, it’s awesome.

Anyway, onto the good part. Welcome Chelsea. Why don’t you have your main character, Pixie, tell us what your book is about in 140 characters or less.

What was I thinking, living under the same roof as Levi’s blue eyes? There’s no way I’ll survive the summer. I can barely survive breakfast.

What was your favorite chapter scene to write and why?

I loved writing the scene where my two main characters first kissed. It was sweet and intense…and it took place in a fort during an epic game of Capture the Flag, so yeah. Big fun.

You do kissing scenes so well. Who’s your favorite character to write and why?

My protagonist, Pixie! She’s messy and sad, and has a tendency to ramble. But she’s also snarky and tough, so she was really fun to write.

I want her to be my new best friend. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? 

There are two or three scenes where Pixie is painting, and I drew on my personal experience as an artist for those descriptions. She paints with her fingers, like I do. Also, she’s messy and unorganized like I am.

You’ve written a lot of books. Did you always want to be a writer? 

No, actually. I wanted to be a freelance artist, painting murals and canvases for a living—but that was mostly because my younger sister always wanted to be a writer. So the profession of writing was already claimed. But then I went a published a book so… *makes face* Awk-ward. Haha.

What was the first work you had published?

A little novella called Sophie & Carter. *happy sigh* I love that book. 

And, how did you get your agent? 

Luck. Prayers. Fairy dust. The usual.

(Chelsea forgot to mention Good writing. Her second novel Anew had just come out and a producer wanted to option the film rights. He reached out to me and recommended I read her work. I did, and I was desperate to work with her.)

I know you’re writing full time now, but what other jobs have you done to support your writing? 

I worked at a credit union for seven years. During my employment there, I was held at gunpoint three times. So I was pretty thrilled the day I got to quit and start writing full time. Hooray for surviving a bank job.

I didn’t know that! That’s crazy—I’ll need to hear those stories at some point. Also, I suspect you could use that as inspiration to write a great thriller!  

Anyway, back to writing. What are you working on at the minute?

I’m currently finishing up my first New Adult book, as well as working on my first MG series.

The New Adult book is about childhood friends who grow up together, experience a tragedy, and drift apart. But a year later, they end up living next door to one another for the summer and find it difficult to keep the past, well…in the past. It’s a story about hurt and healing, and true love of course.

And the MG series is about a young girl who stumbles upon some magic in Scotland and goes on a wild ride through a world steeped in fantasy, beauty, and danger in order to find her way back home.

Eeek! I’m so excited for both!

So since this is your first New Adult novel, what first drew you to the genre?

The age group! 18-25 is sort of like a Dark Age and I LOVE the concept of giving characters that fall into this lost time some roles in the literary world. Instead of only knowing what their first kiss/love/heartbreak was like in high school and then jumping right into their career lives in their thirties, we can actually let all the significant life changes of their “college years” play out. Forget high school, those are the years that truly shape us.

I know you read a lot of New Adult too. What would you love to see next in the genre?

More paranormal New Adult. And maybe a “New Adult” version of some popular Young Adult book series? That might be fun. 

That sounds like a lot of fun. I can already think of a few series that I’d love to see “New Adult” versions of! 

Here’s where you can find out more about Chelsea, including what we do with her New Adult novel when it’s all finished.