Tumblr Fanart Contest! 

Hello Fellow Tumblrites!  We here at New Leaf had an AWESOME idea that spawned from an AWESOME event that is happening next week (I seriously can’t wait—the fangirl in me is wigging out!).  You see, creative geniuses Michael DiMartino, Marie Lu, Seth Hoffman and Leigh Bardugo are getting together on a panel to discuss the incredibly rich worlds that they have worked on…(you might recognize some of these)
….and how their work and/or creative processes have evolved in the age of social media—where fans have direct access to the artists they admire and have the resources to create fantastic art and stories inspired by others.  (Which is, in my opinion, freaking awesome.) So in turn, we had an idea that involves the amazing and talented fans out there: a tumblr fanart contest!

Using the hashtag #PowerofFandom we invite you to create a piece of fanart that encompasses something from each of the panelists’ work.  Be creative!  Make it fun!  Anyone can enter!
How are the winners chosen?  Simple: whoever manages to get the highest amount of Notes on their posting!  There will also be two runners up (the second and third highest amount of Notes).
What do the winners get?  A print out of their piece of art signed by as many of the panelists that I can get!  I will be attending the event myself and will patiently wait on the most-likely very, very long line to see it done. And if I’m unable to get all 4 signatures, I will include a $50 iTunes or Amazon giftcard (winner’s choice).  
Who can enter?  ANYONE.  This contest is open world-wide, people! 
When does it run? It starts immediately and ends on Monday, June 24, 2013 at 11:30 pm EST. Make sure to get as many notes on your fanart as you can before that time!!
Anything else I should know about the contest?  DO NOT FORGET THE HASHTAG! Otherwise, we won’t be able to find your post.  Also, this is a tumblr-only contest, so find a tumblr page to post your work on!
Who can attend the awesome event, and where is it??  Anyone can also attend the event if they can make it out to Los Angeles!  Here are the event details:
Who: Mike DiMartino (co-creator of The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender); Leigh Bardugo (author of NYT bestsellers Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm); Marie Lu (author of NYT bestsellers Legend and Prodigy); Seth Hoffman (writer and story editor for AMC’s The Walking Dead, Fox’s Prison Break and House)
What: THE POWER OF FANDOM: Storytelling in the Age of Twitter and Tumblr
Where: Barnes & Noble, The Grove (189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA
When: Wed, June 26 @ 7:00pm PST
Why You Should Go: These talented storytellers will be together on a panel together to discuss story, fan fiction, fan art, interacting with readers directly and much more. And said amazing panel is being moderated by comic book nerd and enthusiast, Kurt Mattila of The Big Pull podcast, which is AWESOME.  ’Nuff said.

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