This week’s round up is a little quiet (as will be much of August) because people are in and out of the office taking advantage of the summer! But we’ve still got reading happening of course:

Jess is reading ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK by Piper Kerman.

Kathleen is still on her picture book kick, reading THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. 

Suzie is reading CALIFORNIA by Edan Lepucki.

Jaida’s still getting through the beast that is DRACULA (see what I did there?).

Danielle is FINALLY reading an arc of RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard.

Jackie is finishing up FOUR by Veronica Roth.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Most of the answers here suggest we query either Kathleen or Suzie (who are both super fabulous!!). I don't see anywhere saying that Joanna is closed for submissions, but is she "unofficially" closed or too busy?
— Anonymous

She’s open. She’s also busy. She has the most clients of all of us and she runs a business and she represents a huge franchise. 

But also, Suzie is answering these questions and therefore is probably biased about who would be best to take a look (herself).

But we do share in house. So if something comes to Suzie that is a Joanna book it does get shared with Joanna.

The feedback I've been getting from my Query, runs something like this: Really interesting. No thank-you. I'm not sure if that is polite-speak for it sucks, or, simply not their thing. So, how to get a foot in the publishing door: A) Pound harder; B) Open a window (i.e. write a different genre/category book entirely); C) Quit: it's too hard.
— Anonymous

This is most likely a form rejection. 

This could mean:

A. Your query does suck (sorry, it happens, they’re hard!)

B. Your concept is overdone (ie the genre is dead)

C. You’re not querying the right people (hey I get a lot of queries from screenwriters so this happens)

What you should do:

1. Have some critique partners/beta readers/friends who write (etc) read your query. Get some feedback. Figure out if it’s your query or if it’s your book. 

I’m going to say that if you’ve gotten 0 requests it’s your query. If you had a good query, a few agents (especially new agents or agents who really love a genre) will request. 

2. If it’s your query, revise accordingly. You want your query to make people sit up and say “Oooh and then what happens?”

3. After you’ve resent your queries, start working on something else that’s completely different. 

4. Never quit. :)

I'm working on a fantasy YA book, based on a fairy tale. There is a romance in it, between two women. My question is, is it true that YA featuring a lesbian romance is unsaleable in the current market?
— Anonymous

No. Not true. 

The YA market is really tough at the moment. A lesbian romance might be a little less “commercial” in the broad sense than a male-female relationship, but hey, we need diverse books(!). 

Query Kathleen or Suzie.